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PlusZap™ - Contemporary aesthetics meets high spec features

Posted by Chris Voyce on

“To the price conscious user, PlusZap™ is the most user friendly and stylish range of commercial electric fly killers.” 

PlusZap 30

The second generation PlusZap™ Electric Fly Killer range offers a contemporary aesthetic combined with high specification features, creating a stylish killing grid range ideal for commercial environments.

PlusZap™ Bug Zappers are ideal for use in commercial backroom, commercial front of house and industrial backroom areas. Perfect for killing flies, fruit flies, drain flies, bar flies, moths and other flying insects in food production and processing situations.

PlusZap™ electric fly killers are entry level models that offer a multitude of design features to set them apart from the competition.

We start with the modern detailing which makes the unit ideal, not just for back of house, but customer facing areas as well. 

Staggered Tubes

Now we enter the engine room of the unit where staggered UV tubes, either side of the killing grid, creates efficient 360 degree light output and maximum efficacy, whilst the innovative offset and triangular killing grid creates a large, effective catch area for easier servicing.

Killing Grid Features

Triangular Killing Grid

The killing grid is made up of two wire grids. The gap between the grids stops electricity flowing through the circuit. When a fly fills the gap, electricity ‘arcs’ between the two grids. A triangular killing grid provides a larger killing area, ensuring that even the smallest fly can not pass through the without being electrocuted.

But it doesn't end there. The PlusZap™ range features a mains interlocked catch tray which is easy to remove for quick and safe maintenance. Removal of the tray disconnects power to the electrical grid ensuring no nasty shock whilst servicing the unit. The catch tray is also fitted with anti blow-out folds which prevents dead flies being blown from the catch tray by an unexpected breeze.

Plus Zap Catch Tray Features

Finally the PlusZap™ range has flexible mounting options - capable of being wall mounted, freestanding on a desk or shelf, or ceiling suspended for 360 degree coverage.

PlusZap™ truly is an entry level unit with the functionality and features of a high end model. 

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