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About Us

About Insectomatic

Insectomatic is Australia's leading supplier of flying insect control products and the Australian distributor of the Insect-O-Cutor brand of electric fly killers from the UK.

Offering a comprehensive range of commercial flying insect control products, from electric killing grid fly killers to hygienic glue board fly killers and discreet, decorative fly killer units and Automatic Pyrethrum Aerosol Dispensers.

Insectomatic provides flying insect prevention and control solutions for a wide range of situations including cafes & restaurants, bars & clubs, food processing and manufacturing, warehouses, bakeries, shopping centres, hospitals, resorts, domestic homes and more. 

Our electric fly killers are available directly through us or through our network of re-sellers including nationwide electrical wholesalers, pest control industry distributors and nationwide commercial catering equipment suppliers.


About Insect-O-Cutor

Insect-O-Cutor is the world's leading flying insect control solutions provider, and has remained at the forefront of technical and design innovation since the brand was founded in 1962.

Based in the UK, Insect-O-Cutor offers a comprehensive range of flying insect control products, from electric killing grid fly killers to glueboard devices, fly screens to decorative units, Insect-O-Cutor provides leading insect prevention and control for a wide range of applications.

Recent innovative product additions include the Edge Glue board Fly Killer, the Allure Killing Grid Unit and the stylish yet discreet Aura Decorative Unit.

Alongside innovative fly killers, Insect-O-Cutor also offers pest control professionals a wide range of branded consumables, including the leading Glupac® glue board brand, patented Synergetic® dual wavelength UV tubes.



Insectomatic are trusted by some of Australia's biggest brands and companies across a variety of industries. Below are just a few of our satisfied customers.

Fast Food, Takeaway, Cafes & Restaurants:

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Electrical Wholesalers:

Electrical Wholesalers

Catering & Hospitality Supplies, Kitchen Fit-out & Design:

Catering & Hospitality Supplies

Pest Control Industry:

Pest Control Industry

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Hotels & Resorts


Glue Board Fly Killers

Glue Board Fly Killers use UV light to attract flying insects to the unit and a glue board to catch and retain them. They are designed to be discreet and hygienic in their function of trapping flying insects. They are silent in operation and ideal for use in sensitive environments such as commercial front of house areas, commercial kitchens and industrial food preparation zones.

Fly Killers in this category include the Industrial Series IND35 and IND65, the Fly Trap Commercial, the contemporary Edge and the multi-functional Nectar. Many businesses are changing from traditional Bug Zappers to these units due to their hygienic and discreet fly killing qualities.

Decorative Glue Board Fly Killers

Decorative Fly Killers work in exactly the same way as Glue Board Fly Killers by utilising UV light to attract flying insects to the unit where the insect is then caught on a sticky glue board. They are silent in operation making them ideal for sensitive areas such as hotel lobbies, restaurant and cafe dining areas and other commercial front of house areas.

These Fly Killers are designed to be indistinguishable from wall lights. They are effective against all flying insects including flies, fruit flies and moths.

Models in this range include the stylish and contemporary Aura (available in both Stainless and Black), the freestanding Flypod, the Uplighter and Hygenie and the recently added Halo Curve.

Electric Fly Killers (Bug Zappers)

Electric Fly Killers (often referred to as Bug Zappers) again ultise ultraviolet light to attract flying insects where they are then electrocuted or 'zapped' on an electric killing grid. The insect is then collected in a catch tray at the base of the unit. Bug Zappers are ideally suited to commercial back of house areas, industrial backroom areas as well as residential situations.

The stylish and efficient PlusZap 16W & PlusZap 30W Bug Zapper models are ideal for residential and smaller commercial situations. The innovative Allure and high performance Select Series SE22 & SE44 Bug Zappers are ideal for large commercial and industrial situations.

Replacement Glue Boards

All models in the Glue Board and Decorative ranges require sticky Glupac glue boards in order to function correctly. Glupac glue boards feature grid lines to monitor and record fly counts, are Tricozene Z9 pheromone impregnated to improve catch, have a dry glue formulation that reduces glue run from exposure to tube heat and mess free servicing, and consistent thickness of glue application ensures no areas are too thin to retain the caught insect.

These replacement glue boards come in packs of 6 or 10 boards. It is recommended that glue boards be changed every 1-3 months or when necessary i.e. when they become full of flies and no space is left.

Replacement Lamps / Globes

Insectomatic models feature patented Synergetic UV-Green lamps. Synergetic Green lamps can easily be recognised by their glowing green colour and have been developed to attract a much wider range of flying insects than traditional blue UV lamps.

These Synergetic lamps are use in the glue board, decorative and bug zapper models. They are available in 11W, 15W, 18W and 22W Circline lamps.

We also supply the traditional 'Blue' UV lamps compatible with most electric fly killers on the market.