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Insect-O-Cutor Edge - The most effective glueboard fly killer on the market

Posted by Chris Voyce on

“To the hygiene conscious user, Edge is the most efficacious commercial fly killer combining unique glue board technology and desirable looks for a range of applications.”

Edge Glue board fly killer

To the untrained eye the Insect-O-Cutor Edge fly killer is just your everyday glue board unit, albeit with it's contemporary, stylish good looks. In reality this could not be further from the truth. The Edge fly killer is absolutely packed with innovative features to make this not only one of the best looking, but one of the most efficient fly killers available on the market.

Developed to be the most effective glue board fly killer on the market, the Edge glue board fly killer is designed around patented glue board technology to catch significantly more flying insects than traditional glue board units.

Edge fly catch rate chart

Fig 1: Graph showing the Edge's 31.5% increase in fly catch rate compared with a flat glue board over a 2 hour period.

The unique Edge Fly Killer glue board form provides three features shown to better catch flying insects:

  1. The glue board forms edges, proven to be more attractive to flies
  2. 30% larger glue area than traditional 'flat' glue boards
  3. The glue area is equidistant from the UV tube, maximising the useful glue area

Edge glueboard features

Fig 2: Glue board features of the Edge Fly Killer

As the glue board is inserted into the Edge Fly Killer it self-folds at the desired points, creating a unique form around high efficacy Synergetic UV tubes. This unique design forms edges, proven to be more attractive to flies, maximises useful UV light output, and creates a 30% larger glue area than traditional glue boards, creating a staggering 31.5% increase on a normal catch rate!

Edge Service features

Fig 3: Tool free access and highly effective Synergetic tubes

Aside from the glue board, the Edge has a raft of other features that make servicing a breeze. These include a tool free, swing down front guard for simple and quick servicing, with full access to glue board and tubes. The Edge also has other service friendly features including a removable service card and debris tray. 

Edge service features 2

Fig 4: Service friendly features of the Edge

The Edge has flexible installation options and can be ceiling suspended, wall mounted or free standing with the aid of its removable feet.

Edge removable feet

Fig 5: Edge with it's removable feet for desk or shelf mounting

Purchasing an Edge fly killer for your premises also comes with complete piece of mind - all Edge units come with a 3 year manufacturers warranty.

So the Edge Glueboard Fly Killer really does have it all - stylish good looks, packed with features, ease of servicing and complete piece of mind. What more do you need?

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