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Electric Fly Control - An absolute must for any food handling facility

Posted by Chris Voyce on

Electric Fly Killers - What are their benefits and why do I need one?

Many business owners are unsure if they need electric fly control units installed in their premises. Here we look at the benefits electric fly killers provide and why they are an essential item in any food handling or processing facility. 

There are a number of reasons why a business should install electric fly killers. These include:

  1. Compliance (i.e HACCP, Food Standards Australia & New Zealand)
  2. Hygiene & Food Safety (prevention of food contamination)
  3. Customer satisfaction (elimination or reduction of annoying flies for customers)

SE44 in action

Flying insects such as flies, fermentation flies (sometimes referred to as fruit flies) and moths are classed as food pests. Not only might they end up in the food, they carry filth and bacteria, which can be harmful to humans if transferred onto food.

As a result flying insect pests must be kept out of food businesses as much as possible by designing and constructing the premises properly and maintaining a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene. In addition to this pests that do find their way inside a business must be eradicated as quickly as possible with appropriate control measures.

Preventing flying insects getting in and denying them food and breeding sites is obviously very important, and needs to be dealt with separately. But what to do about those annoying and unhygienic flies which make their way into a premises?

Even well designed businesses with exceptional cleaning and hygiene standards may still have flying insects entering through the front doors, open windows or as deliveries are made, etc. In the interests of food safety and customer satisfaction, businesses must control this problem. One of the best ways of doing this is the use of Electronic Fly Killers.

How do Electric Fly Killers work?

Lets have a look at how electric fly killers work. Electronic Fly killers have two parts, ultraviolet (UV) tubes to attract flying insects, and an electrified grid to kill them, or a sticky glue board to catch them.

The tubes fitted to electronic fly killers produce UV light. This is not visible to humans but attracts flying insects if it is strong enough. Once the UV light attracts the insects in, the sticky board catches them, or the high voltage grid or mesh inside the equipment then kills them.

Benefits of installing an electric fly killer.

Benefits to you and your business as a result of installing and electric fly killer include:

  • Flying insects are quickly caught, removing them from the environment
  • Reduced risk of food contamination caused by the spread of disease and bacteria through flies
  • Increased customer satisfaction due to reduced numbers of flying insects annoying them whilst on the premises
  • Protection of your brand from negative customer experiences
  • Compliance with regulations, audits, health inspectors, HACCP, etc
  • Safe & hygienic - No continuous spraying of pesticides, aerosols, use of filthy fly swats, etc
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week control of flying insects


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