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Lights Out Bed Bug Detectors

  • $39.95

Size: Pack 4

LightsOut is the latest innovation in bed bug detection. It is used to detect the presence of bed bugs in a structure by simply placing the device under the legs of beds, upholstered furniture, etc. LightsOut will intercept bed bugs as they move around in search of a blood meal.

This Cutting-edge interception device was developed by leading bed bug expert Jeffery White of BedBug Central. Preliminary tests have shown LightsOut to be both a highly effective interception device and aesthetically pleasing compared to other devices currently on the market.

  • Black color is attractive to bed bugs and allows easier identification of early instars   
  • No additives or powder necessary to trap bed bugs   
  • Crack & break resistant due to stronger grade of plastic   
  • Textured exterior surface eliminates need for unsightly tape
  • Detects all levels of bed bug infestations
  • Discourages bugs from returning to bed or furniture