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Infiniti Compact LED Glueboard Fly Killer

  • $449.95

Part of the Infiniti family, providing discreet fly catch, for customer facing applications.
NEW! A highly efficient decorative model to complete the Infiniti® family – perfect for front of house areas or applications with limited wall space available.

· Decorative and compact design, for front of house applications.
· High fly catch efficacy, comparable with traditional 30w fluorescent models.
· Swing open front guard, for quick and simple tool free servicing, without the need for ladders.
· Unique slim LED source for compact storage and transportation.

Reduced Running Costs

Well designed LED insect light traps, such as the Insect-O-Cutor® Infiniti®, can save up to 67% on running costs, thanks to a significantly lower power draw.

Improved Sustainability

Along with reduced energy consumption, integrated LED technology coming from an appropriate research and development programme, contains no mercury, can last up
to 3 years, (reducing the environmental impact of global transportation and creating less waste), and deliver CO2 Emission Savings of c. 163kg (69%) over its life cycle.*

Comparable Flying Insect Catch

Enjoying the benefits of LED technology isn’t as simple as placing an LED tube within an insect light trap designed for a fluorescent lamp, but well considered insect light traps, such as the Insect-O-Cutor® Infiniti®, have been shown to have at least a comparable
flying insect catch to traditional fluorescent lamp models.

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