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Gecko Bug Zapper 40W

  • $89.95

The Gecko 40W Insect Killer is the perfect answer for regular / suburban backyards.

30m coverage area

Best suited to regular yards

The Gecko 40W Insect Killer is the perfect answer for regular / suburban backyards. Similar in design to the smaller 25W, it too has great functionality. It can be hung up or placed on flat surfaces. It features a highly effective Edison Screw 40W UV lamp and a grid voltage of 2000V.


  • Made from High Impact Plastic with a UV Inhibitor
  • Free Standing or Hanging
  • Included Catcher Tray
  • Self-Cleaning Vertical Grid
  • Meets Australian / New Zealand Electrical Safety Standards
  • IPX4 Weather Resistance for permanent outdoor installation
  • 12 month warranty (lamp excluded)
  • Weight 1.5 kg
  • Dimensions 215 × 215 × 370 mm
  • Grid Voltage
  • Appr. 2000V
  • Lamp Type / Model
  • 1 x E27 UV 40W. Part Number GKOLT40G



“How does an Gecko bug zapper work?”
The zapper lures insects with its ultra-violet light. Insects are electrocuted on contact with a high voltage grid surrounding the lamp. Dead insects will then drop into the in-built catcher tray.

“There’s no power switch on my bug zapper”
The unit is powered up as soon as it’s plugged in. The UV light will light up when the unit is plugged in.

“Can an Gecko Bug Zapper be left outdoors”
Yes, depending on which model, the majority of models are weatherproof. Ensure any power connections are weatherproof.

“What insects are attracted?”
Gecko Zappers are primarily designed to attract mosquitoes. Moths and other insects commonly attracted to light will also be drawn towards the zapper.

“Will flies be attracted?”
While flies are attracted to UV light, they are generally more active during the daytime. If operated indoors and away from windows and competing light sources, units will attract and kill flies. Used outdoors during the daytime, a zapper is less than ideal where flies are a problem.

“When should I switch my zapper on?”
Mosquitoes are most active from dusk and become less active again after sunrise. For best effect, switch on the unit an hour or two before sunset. Leaving the unit on overnight may help reduce any surrounding mosquito populations.

“What model is best suited for me?”
The Gecko range includes models suited to virtually all situations. Consider what area you want to protect. Unl;ess you have extremely high pest numbers, don’t buy a unit that’s too big – it’ll only attract the bugs from next door!

“How long will the UV lamp last?”
Edison screw and tubular lamps should generally last around 5,000 hours. For optimum life, we recommend switching on your unit for at least 4 hours at a time. Shorter durations or frequent switching on and off will shorten the lamp life. Other factors include excessive heat or cold. LED lamps have a general life of up to 50,000 hours.

“Are replacement lamps available?”
Yes, Edison screw and tubular Gecko lamps are readily available from where you purchased your zapper. The rating label on your zapper shows the model number of the replacement lamp. LED lamps are not replaceable.

“Can the lamp be replaced easily?”
Detailed instructions are included in the instruction manual supplied in the pack. LED lamps are not replaceable.

“Do Gecko zappers consume a lot of power and are they expensive to run?”
The 50W model costs less than a couple of cents per hour to run. Those with lower power will cost even less. Models using LED lamps are significantly cheaper to run.

“Do Gecko Zappers make a lot of noise?”
When bugs hit the high voltage grid, a cracking noise will be heard. The noise level will generally depend on the size of the bug and also grid voltage of the zapper. The Gecko 50W model will generally have a louder “crack” than the 10W model.

I have a cordless rechargeable model, how many times can I recharge the battery?”
Model BZCORDLESS uses a Lithium Battery. Depending on environmental factors (especially temperature) the battery should continue to accept a charge up to 2000 times. The battery is easily replaceable – see the product manual for details and specifications

“I have a cordless rechargeable model, what does the 3 way switch do?”
This switch has options for Zapping, Off or Light.

“I have a cordless rechargeable model, but the UV light doesn’t seem to be working.”
When switched to zapping, a built in auto on off sensor will ensure the zapper only functions when its dark. You can test the zapper function. Switch to Zapping and place the unit upside down on a flat surface. The unit’s blue UV light will come on.

“I have a cordless rechargeable model, but I couldn’t find a charging plug in the box.”
The unit is supplied with a USB cable only. These days, charging plugs are very common place and arguably found in almost every home. In the interest of keeping the product’s price down, we opted to include a cable only.

“What’s the best position for my Gecko Zapper?”
A zapper is best placed away from human activity and also competing light sources. Preferably out of windy locations also. Ideally, hang at a height of around 2.5 metres.

“Does my Gecko Zapper require much maintenance?”
Gecko zappers are designed to require minimal maintenance. Before commencing any maintenance, ensure units are disconnected from any power.
Zapper catcher trays should be emptied from time to time. It’s important to ensure Zapper high voltage grids are cleared of any larger “stuck” bugs, as these will affect the units performance.

“My zapper doesn’t appear to be zapping, it was working last time I checked, what should I do?”
A grid that’s clogged with dead bugs or debris may result in reducing its ability to generate a high voltage. Switch off and unplug the unit and clean the metal grid and horizontal bands thoroughly with the supplied brush.

“What’s the warranty of an Gecko Product?”
Gecko products carry a 12 month warranty from date of purchase.

“I have a mosquito plague – what can I do?
Warm weather with intermittent rain will often lead to higher mosquito populations. Look around your yard to ensure there are no buckets, old tyres or other receptacles collecting water where mosquitoes can breed.
Ensure any fruit trees are well away from the house. Ripening fruit gives off CO2 , that attracts mosquitoes. Also, consider supplementing your zapper or trapper with mosquito repelling plants:

– Citronella or Horsemint will repel mosquitoes.
– Marigolds – contain pyrethrum, a compound that’s used in many insect repellents
– Catnip – reported to be 10x more effective than DEET. You can also use this in cooking.
– Ageratum – emits a smell that is offensive to mosquitoes.

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