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Bed Bug Base Protector

  • $44.95

Available Sizes:

  • Single - 92 x 188 x (24-33cm)
  • King Single - 107 x 204 x (24-33cm)
  • Double - 137 x 188 x (24-33cm)
  • Queen - 152 x 203 x (24-33cm)
  • King - 182 x 203 x (24-33cm)

Pest Defence Bed Bug Base Protectors feature the BugLock zip locking system that bed bugs cannot penetrate. As our customers have experienced, you will never get bitten again from a bed bug living inside your mattress or base once it is encased. Pest Defence Bed Bug Base Protectors are a total bed base encasement that keep the whole base protected. Because no part of the bed base is left exposed, there is no need to worry that bed bugs and their eggs are living inside your bed base.

It is 100% effective. You can rest assured that our Pest Defence Bed Bug Base Protectors will never allow a single bed bug to crawl through and turn your bed base into a breeding ground.

Trapped bed bugs will be killed by trapping them inside the bed base protector. Friendly and safe for children and pets, you do not have to worry about allergies or toxic chemical reactions.

It can be used on all types of ensemble bases and on all bed sizes (single to king size). Unfortunately these encasements are not suitable for wooden frame or slat bed bases.

It is easy to fit. You or your staff can effortlessly fit our protectors and covers without any assistance, and you can proudly take control of helping to eliminating bed bugs in your home or business.

It is comfortable to sleep on. Your guests won’t even know that there is a special cover, and they can sleep in the bed the very same night without being exposed to chemical treatments.

Machine washable on hot, tumble dry medium.



  • Protects new bedding and salvages infested bedding
  • Suitable for both mattress and bed base encasements
  • Increases the time between re-infestations
  • Aids in early detection of bed bugs
  • Decreases the scope of re-infestation (i.e the areas available for Bed Bugs to harbour)
  • Less time spent onsite treating bedding means lower labours costs
  • Entry proof and escape proof 

Available in King, Queen, King Single, Double & Single Sizes. Select your size with the drop down list above.

Material: 100% Polyester