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Enforcer Bug Zapper 50W

Enforcer Bug Zapper 50W

  • $139.95

Enforcer Bug Zapper (50 Watt) offers heavy duty protection for large yards – ideal where people gather across a number of separated entertaining spaces – for example  barbecue, outdoor dining and swimming pool spaces.  Also, where there is a high level of pest activity.

The Enforcer Bug Zapper (50 Watt) features a 50W UV lamp housed in a robust and stylish weatherproof casing.  The unit is best hung at a height of around 2.5 metres, away  from other light sources and human activity. It’s vertical grid means dead bugs drop directly from the unit, resulting in the need for less cleaning than  competitor zappers with traditional horizontal grids.

 The unit’s killing power is generated by transformer. This has the advantage of providing a more sustained burst to kill even larger pests. Competitor  models often rely on circuit boards to generate high voltage – a process of charge/discharge that is less efficient – especially where bugs are in high  numbers.

The Enforcer Bug Zapper (50 Watt) UV lamp has been designed to produce a peak light output at a wavelength of 365nm in the UVA band.  Mosquitoes and other light-attracted pests are naturally attracted to this wavelength. Attracted pests include mosquitoes, moths & midges – pests that are most active from dusk till dawn.

Measurements: W31cm x H45cm x D31cm.



Enforcer Bug Zapper 50W Globe                   

Enforcer Globe - 50W                                              

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